1300km of gorgeous paths, endless vistas spanning to the horizon. Everything sprinkled with a tiny bit of heavily graveled tarmac.


Each contestant will be equipped with a GPS tracker that allows to follow their path live online. Heck, a bit of fame won't hurt, right? ; )


Just you, the bike and the track. Support the most persistent? Pointless. Help each other on the track? Always, with pleasure! Fair play from start to finish.


You have 300h for non-stop competition or holidays you'll never forget. Someone has to win, but nobody will lose. Quite honest, don't you think?

Good morning! It's POLSKA1300 - allow us to break the ice!

Why not just let it all go and... take part in a fascinating bike race across Poland? From the shores of the Baltic Sea to Bieszczady Mountains, via the still undiscovered "Polish eastern wall". You'll go through Mazury, the land of thousand lakes, fairy like Podlasie and a bit forgotten Polesie. 1300km non-stop with 300h time limit. Almost 2 weeks of competition/adventure/holidays (mark the one which applies). Are you dreaming of a bikepacking Adventure with a capital A? Looking for undiscovered lands and challenges, nobody's ever partaken? We got this! Your biggest bikepacking adventure is just around the corner - jus the way you want it! The sea, forests, meadows, lakes and mountains in one race - the most beautiful in Poland. You want to know why? Because you'll be a part of it!

We want to invite you to places in Poland that many people heard about, but a few have seen. A journey of thousands of colours and scents. We'll tear you away from the business and stress. Into the exotic, exciting, painting-inspiring, straight-out-of-poetry scenery.

It's a journey during which you'll take a deep breath of fresh air and uninhibited freedom! Perhaps you'll meet someone you haven't quite got to know yet - yourself.

We know a couple of people who are packed and ready, waiting for the starting signal. We also know some who have seen our logo and are already plotting the gpx track to their devices, anxiously refreshing the page just to see that sign up form working ; )

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